Olive Mills

Olica olive mills are designed and manufactured in Italy. The highest quality of stainless steel is used for all touching the final product parts. Olica two-phase olive mills are used for extraction the highest quality olive oil, extra virgin olive oil.
Olica olive mills are focused primarily on small growers; however, large companies can use our equipment for R&D purposes.

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    Leaf remover and washing machines are very important equipment that helps you to produce a good extra-virgin olive oil.

    Leaf removers take off leaves and dirty residues and the washing machines clean the olives before delivering them to the crusher.
    Washing phase is carried out with low water consumption and always with clean water.


    Dimensions (cm) 95x79x217

    Hourly production (Kgs)

    Up to 120

    Weight (Kgs) 90

    Power requirements (kW) 0.75