Processing Olives_Capay Facility 2015

      Olica is a boutique olive oil company. We specialize in production of the finest extra virgin olive oil.
      • Our olives are sustainably grown in Capay Valley, California (located between hills of Napa and Sacramento Valleys). The unique Capay Valley climate and soils are ideal for raising olives: there are moderately cold winters and hot summers in Capay Valley; this temperature difference between seasons helps olives properly accumulate complexity of flavor and vitally important nutrients in Olica extra virgin olive oil.
        • We extract our oils at our state-of-the art milling facility.
          • Our olive oils are certified with COOC (California Olive Oil Council, the organization that controls the quality of olive oil and certifies the highest grade of olive oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil).
            • We do not infuse our Extra Virgin Olive Oils due to our love and respect to unique flavor of each olive variety. Infused olive oil can’t be called extra virgin anymore.
              • From the beginning we are helping other growers with olive milling and bottling of their oil.